Weed in Croatia – A Stoner's Guide

Dubrovnik is made to be enjoyed with some cannabis. Weed may be illegal there, but with the right knowledge it won’t be hard to get. So here it is, after many days and many joints in Croatia (allegedely), the Stoner’s Guide to Croatia.

The coast:

Most people who visit Croatia go there for the sea. The rocky coast can be very relaxing and the blue clear water stretches to what seems like infinity. There are interesting cities, like Dubrovnik with great architecture, Mediterranean cuisine and virgin nature. Millions of people visit the Croatian sea-side every year, and some of them are bound to be stoners. But other tourists are not what you are in need of, when you want to get some weed, what you need is Croatians. Locals or the ones visiting from Zagreb or other big cities far from the coast, are the ones most likely to give you marijuana. The local tourists from big cities are your best bet, since smoking weed is much more common and accepted in those places than the coast which is more traditional. The coast however is the place to be when smoking. The beauty is unmatched and it definitely is an amazing experience to smoke a joint there. If you want to switch things up a little, visit the Krka national park, for awesome views. You will need to walk around to find a private place, but it’s not impossible.

How to Get Weed:

This might seem obvious, but most people can’t seem to figure it out. Ask around. You will be surprised how quickly you will get some weed if you just ask a few people. Here is a fictional story (in first person for artistic reasons). I was in a small Croatian coastal village, near Zadar. Me and my friends went to the most hip local spot, think of a standard cliche beach bar, which you must have come across if you have been to the beach. Being on vacation in a foreign country I had no reason to think i’d be smoking weed, but the hope was there. So after a few drinks and getting to know some locals, I stared asking around. From the first look you get, you’ll know if the person is pro or against cannabis. Most people were supportive of the cause, but did not know how, or wanted to, help me. The third person though took some weed out of his pocket, and gave it to me. For free. Told me to enjoy and left. That’s all it takes to smoke on your vacation. Another fictional story, involves me smelling the beautiful scent of burning marijuana coming from the neighbor’s door, asking for weed, and getting some for free. All in all it’s not hard, you just need to be proactive.

A Word of Caution:

Weed is awesome, you’re awesome, Croatia is awesome, a match made in heaven? No. Cannabis is still illegal in Croatia and you will get in big trouble if you are caught. Medicinal Marijuana is legal though, which shows a step forward, but recreational legalization is unlikely to happen soon. Another thing you should look out for is the weed itself. The quality I have gotten (allegedly), was fairly good, mainly outdoor grown, definitely smokable, but you should always be careful when getting weed from strangers, for reasons already mentioned. The last thing is to be careful who you ask. Some of the locals can be true savages and very violent, you should be able to see who is a football hooligan or a stoner, try and approach the stoners. Happy smoking, and if you have any questions, ask away!

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Written by John Smith

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