11 Fun Things to Do While High

Are you stoned, and don’t know what to do? You have just come to the right place!

1. Have a deep conversation with your stoned friend or girlfriend

One of the best thing on this planet is to have a deep conversation with a friend, in which both of you are just bouncing around new and creative ideas to each other. Sometimes you might even find that those ideas will end up being helpful in your life, after the fun experience!

2. Listen to music (Preferably with headphones)

Damn, have you ever experienced listening to music while high? The beats of the song are so much more detailed and interesting, than if you are listening to it while sober. It’s like your ears start to function in a whole different way, in which they process all the vibrations flowing, in a speed in which you can actually understand what is happening.

3. Explore beautiful locations near you, and bring your second joint with you

Can you even imagine what this beautiful planet has to offer? The views that you can see? There are some places that are beyond imaginable. Being able to enjoy such a place, while being stoned is even a better experience. At those kind of times you are able to be 100% in the moment, not think about any other issues, and just enjoy and appreciate what you are seeing!

4. Travel on a long road in a car with someone close to you (make sure to make a good playlist)

Pretty similar to Point 4. The difference is that it is combined with music, friends and beautiful views along the way. If you also trust your friend with his driving skills, then this is just a bonus!

5. EAT!

Them munchies, who doesn’t love them. Your taste buds just feel as if they behave in a complete different way, and your stomach feels as if it has no limit to how much food it can consume.

6. Just draw, even if you are not an artist

Trust me, the experience of drawing is fun! Even if you can’t draw shit, well who cares? Just give it a shot, and see what your imagination might create!

7. Go for a mindful walk

The best way to relaxation is not watching TV, not at all. It is actually going for a walk, because your mind starts to analyse and work in a way, in which you find answer to questions that you feel lost about. Combining it with green, makes the experience more fun and creative.

8. Watch a movie

Scary, funny, dramatic, action or whatever the fuck you like kind of movie, is always more fun after you have smoked a fat joint. Why? Because your emotions are enhanced. This simply means if you watch a scary movie, it is more likely for you to shit in your pants, or if you like to watch a funny movie, you are more likely to laugh your ass off.

9. Play a video game!

Maybe you are a fan of COD, Minecraft, League of Legends, Dota, or any other game? Did you try playing it while high? It’s fun. Just be careful because it is addictive as well!

10. Play Russian roulette with a friend (use the nerf toy weapon, not an actual weapon!)

Shit man, that is intense. The pressure you feel when it is your turn, is too high. But it is also too funny for the people around!

11. Get creative, and roll a join of art

Have fun! Roll something of art and then enjoy smoking it. It is fun, if you are too lazy and don’t feel like doing anything else, but smoking.

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